The House
of NEFFEst. 1966.

The story of NEFF's evolution began in 1966, when a German engineer came to Canada and shaped an industry, creating unique cabinetry that combined old-world craftsmanship with the modernity of automotive products and processes. The engineer was Paul Neff, and his idea was the foundation and principle of NEFF Beautiful Living.

Two sides of the human experience follow in succession: creation and translation. The artisan’s talent in craftsmanship is offered to our clients, who find their centerpieces. Both are unique, but both are shared. The pride of ownership is felt by the artisan; the craftsman’s talent is felt by the owner. They exist simultaneously.

Living is beautiful, and beautiful are people.


Describe the past, determine the future

NEFF’s Studio is where artisans and inventors embrace genuine workmanship and cutting-edge design. 100,000 square feet have been devoted to realizing the client’s vision. NEFF considers only the highest quality, from material and finish, to craft and process. The millwork moves with precision and elegance, a touch of timelessness, because the experience was made to last a lifetime.


Maintain the natural order

Five decades ago, a German engineer revolutionized the industry by using finishes exclusive to the automotive industry. His name was Paul NEFF. Today, sustainable materials, proprietary technologies and a patented Dry-Fit process set new standards of environmental responsibility and innovation, so that years later, the millwork looks and feels as it did on the first day.



The complete experience

Lifestyles are enhanced through a relationship. NEFF opens every resource to its clientele: a comprehensive service from idea to install, an approach that accounts for preference and fulfills expectation. Design and innovation revolves around how clients interact with it, how they live with it; The House is a promise of time, a standing invitation.

Dealer Channel

Designers, Architects,
Custom Home Builders

White-Glove Channel


The Promise
of Time

NEFF offers 8-year limited warranties on all Beautiful Living products. Very few manufacturers stand behind their products as long as NEFF.

Product Guaranteed

Products guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for eight years.

Timely repair and replacing

Timely repair and replacing warrantied products to their original specifications.

Free shipping

Free shipping of the repaired or replaced product to the customer.

Product Care Instructions